Showroom Water Coolers

WaterSplash are a leading UK specialist in plumbed in Showroom Water Coolers with a full range of water coolers and water boilers to suit all applications.

showroom water coolers

Look after your customers, keep them hydrated and comfortable.

Also known as point of use water coolers all our products offer a continuous supply of mains fed chilled or hot filtered drinking water on demand.

We specialise in Showroom Water Coolers that eliminate the hassle and stress of bottled water whilst saving you time and money. We have a comprehensive range of water cooler products that are suitable for many needs in addition to water cooler servicing, sanitisation and support services.

All of our Showroom Water Coolers and dispensers are readily available, offering cost effective filtered mains connected water systems and solutions for you, your staff and your guests.

We provide full installation with or without regular servicing and sanitisation. All of our products can be which can be purchased or rented!

Our Range Of Showroom Water Coolers

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the elite showroom water coolers the fmax showroom water coolers

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