Niagara Large Scale School Water Fountain

Schools typically have a need for large volumes of drinking water, particularly around sport and break facilities. Our Niagara Large Scale School Water Fountain are ideal for keeping your students hydrated!

Niagara Large Scale School Water Fountain

niagara-water-fountainOur plumbed in Niagara Large Scale School Water Cooler Coolers include:

  • Maximum hygiene, NO water storage.
  • Still and sparkling chilled water options.
  • An in expensive supply of both still and sparkling cold water in large quantities.
  • Ideal for restaurants, canteens, bars and communal areas.
  • Floor standing. Under Counter or Top of Counter models.
  • Dispenses between 30 and 150 litres  per hour depending on model.
  • Provides water at room temperature if required from one of the two tap outlets. Use them to fill jugs or even your own-label bottles for that extra corporate touch.
  • Freestanding measurements are: 466w x 382d x 820h
  • Table Top measurements are: 325w x 340d x 500h

School Water Coolers

Arctic Chill School Water Focuntain                                     classic water cooler