Classic School Water Cooler

The Classic School Water Cooler has a small footprint, which allows you the flexibility of being able to site them in almost any location.

Classic School Water Cooler

classic school water coolerThe Classic School Water Cooler is available in Ambient & Cold or Hot & Cold versions, this robust mains fed water cooler is ideally suited for use in most locations including offices, waiting rooms, warehouses and workshops.

Advantages of The Classic School Water Cooler

  • Free standing and table top option
  • Robust, reliable and stylish
  • Suitable of Offices , Receptions and the Hospitality environment.
  • Direct Chill available
  • Silver , Black and White colour choices.
  • Dimensions:
  • Free Standing:1060 x 325 x 365
  • Table Top 475 x 325 x 365

Our Classic Office Water Cooler is readily available, offering cost effective filtered mains connected water systems and solutions for you, your staff and your guests. We provide full installation with or without regular servicing and sanitisation. All of our products can be purchased or rented!

School Water Coolers

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