School Water Coolers

Keep your students and staff hydrated, healthy and happy with a school water cooler or school water fountain from WaterSplash. Three months Free rental. Wide range of models and costs.

school water coolers

In schools today there is a vital need for students and staff to be provided with easy access to high quality drinking water. Our School Water Coolers are the perfect solution to keeping students hydrated whilst learning.

It is a known fact that none of us drink sufficient amounts of water, research has proved without a doubt that it can affect our mental and physical performance. It is therefore very important for children/students to have the correct daily water intake. We have a range of School Water Coolers to suit your needs.

Many schools have a requirement for large volumes of water during break times and we at Water-Splash have available a full range of plumbed in School Water Coolers to meet all applications, from water fountains and freestanding or table top cooler models shown above, that can offer fresh, clean, pure filtered water, through our advanced filtration system.

We have a range of budget water coolers, and many other Water Coolers to suit your specific needs

School Water Coolers

Arctic Chill School Water Focuntain                                     classic water cooler