Table Top Office Water Coolers

WaterSplash has a choice of table top office water coolers to keep your staff and visitors hydrated and comfortable. Three months Free rental. Wide range of models and costs.

office table top water cooler

WaterSplash table top office water coolers offer you the latest products available.

TT table top water coolerNot every office has space for a full size water cooler so WaterSplash has a choice of table top water coolers to enable any office or home-office to look after staff and visitors.

People are increasingly aware of their comfort at work, a uncomfortable working environment causes decreases in a individuals workload. Environmental comfort is as important as the salary you pay your staff, without comfort staff will look elsewhere. Office Water Coolers are a must for a happy work place, how many times have you had a useful discussion with a colleague at the Water Cooler, a conversation that probably would not have been scheduled otherwise.

Our plumbed in Office Water Coolers provide staff, visitors and clients with high quality fresh filtered water. Not only is water important for comfort, It is now a legal requirement to provide easily accessible drinking water in office environments.

Don’t just think of your Table Top Office Water Cooler as a means to fresh, filtered and cooled drinking Water. We also have many dispensers that offer Hot Water that can be used to make Cup a Soups and any other hot beverage.

Our machines that have been included within the Office section of our website are selected for their proven reliability and ease of use. We supply Water Coolers to many Offices throughout the UK and use our experience to select the best products for our customers.

Unlike some Water Cooler and Dispenser companies all our products are ordered as required, we have no need to shift excess stock and will never recommend a machine without discussing your needs. This ensures that you will have a solution that meets your requirements.

Call us for a free discussion and advice on our Free phone number: 0800 587 8068