Sport Carbonated Office Water Cooler

Sport Carbonated Office Water Cooler. Water dispensed in sheer style.

Sport Carbonated Office Water Cooler

The heart of the Sport Carbonated Office Water Cooler is a sealed water processing unit capable of delivering purified, deep sparkling carbonated and chilled temperature water on demand.

The sleek silver body has been cleverly designed to enable water to be dispensed into a cup, a water bottle or even a jug. Point of use convenience coupled with sealed, pressurised water pathway and direct-cool vessel ensure the highest quality drinking water in your workplace today.

Sport Carbonated Office Water CoolerAdvantages of Sport Carbonated Office Water Coolers

  • Available as table top or freestanding with separate base.
  • In line filter system, fitted inside cabinet on floor standing models, to the back of machine on table top models or at water source.
  • Auto temperature controller, (cold 2ºc – 11ºc)
  • Adjustable water block protection device automatically switches water flow into machine off if leakage detected.
  • Removable water tray
  • Large aperture to take sports bottles/jugs.
  • On/Off and status neon indicator lights.
  • Plugs into 13 amp socket.
  • Two year full parts and labour warranty, four year on compressor.
  • leek silver finish
  • Chilled water throughput per hour of 11 litres.
  • Countertop Measurements 415mm H x 440mm D x 320mm W.
  • DIY fitting kits include saddle clamp for installing onto mains water supply, all fixings and in-line filter.

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