Mains Fed Water Coolers

mains fed water coolers

WaterSplash Mains Fed Water Coolers

WaterSplash are a leading UK specialist in Mains Fed Water coolers which offer a continuous supply of mains fed chilled or hot filtered drinking water on demand. We specialise in Bottle-less Water Dispensers that eliminate the hassle and stress of bottled water whilst saving you time and money. We have a comprehensive range of water cooler products that are suitable for many needs in addition to water cooler servicing, sanitisation and support services:

Large and small offices – Gyms – Schools – Hospitals – Hotels – Leisure centres – Home use


Mains Fed Water Coolers To Rent Or Buy

All of our water coolers and dispensers are readily available, offering cost effective filtered mains connected water systems and solutions for you, your staff and your guests. We provide full installation with or without regular servicing and sanitisation. All of our products are available to rent or buy.

We are a national supply company, covering the whole of the UK, with regional engineers to install and service. Our sales and administration office is based in Hampshire.

Why Mains Fed Water Coolers?

  • Bottled water is bad for the environment, suppliers are unreliable and bottled water actually works out as more expensive compared to mains fed water.
  • Eliminate bottled water, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Choose from our wide range of coolers, each capable of offering chilled and hot filtered water at a fraction of the cost of a bottled cooler.
  • Mains fed water always provides fresh, filtered water that has not been left stagnant, unlike bottled water dispenser equivalents.
  • Replaceable water bottles are heavy, require manual handling and take up expensive storage space that could be put to better use.
  • Most of our mains fed water dispensers have an automatic cut off if any leaks are detected.
  • Mains fed water coolers are not top heavy unlike bottled water versions. This makes a mains fed water dispenser more stable if knocked by mistake.
  • Whatever the environment we have a mains fed water cooler that will suit your requirements, from Water Fountains, Water Dispensers, Small, Mini and Countertop Water Coolers.

We offer our range of mains fed water coolers throughout the UK with solutions to meet all types of needs whether your a business, office, school, gyms or have the needs for a product suited to the home. We have a huge range to meet all budgets, styles and requirements. With over thirty years experience in the water cooler industry, we are sure that we can supply and support your needs no matter how big or small your order is. Please call us today on 0800 587 8068 or email WaterSplash at for advice on what will best suit your cooler requirements.