Gym Water Coolers

Keep your members happy and hydrated with Gym Water Coolers and Gym Water Fountains. Three months Free rental. Wide range available.

gym water coolers

Point Of Use (plumbed in) water fountains and Gym Water Coolers are designed to provide FRESH FILTERED CHILLED WATER, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, at the lowest possible cost!

WaterSplash high efficiency Gym Water Coolers allow you the customer to improve your mains water to the same quality and flavour as a Spring Water Supply, with all the benefits of a continuous economic supply of FRESH FILTERED CHILLED WATER without the problems of a bottled water supply. Perfect for your gym requirements

Our Gym Water Fountain and Cooler Range

Arctic Chill Gym Water Focuntain        Blizzard Fountain Gym Water Focuntain        river gym water fountain