River Water Fountain

People are increasingly aware of the environmental comfort issue. Our plumbed in River Water Fountain provides staff, members, visitors and clients with high quality fresh filtered water.

River Water Fountain

Not only is water important for comfort, it’s now a legal requirement to provide easily accessible drinking water in commercial environments.

Advantages of our plumbed in The River Water Fountain include:

  • river drinking fountainDrinking water fountains which are ideal for schools, sports clubs, factories, gyms etc.
  • They are supplied to dispense water capacities of 25ltr and 50 litres per hour of pure chilled, filtered water. They can be supplied with either a swan neck glass filler or bubbler with a mouth guard, or both.
  • They are made with sturdy plasticated metal sides and with a stainless steel top.
  • The wall mounted models can be positioned at the required height for easy access for the disabled or younger persons.
  • NO tank, so no standing water. The cooling takes place via the stainless steel coil, connected directly to the mains.
  • Low running and maintenance costs.
  • Freestanding measurements are: 325w x 340d x 960h
  • Wall mounted measurements are: 432w x 360d x 505h

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