Arctic Chill Volume Water Cooler

The Arctic Chill Volume Water Cooler is an ideal cooler for those areas where larger volumes of chilled water are required.

Arctic Chill Volume Water Cooler

Arctic Chill Volume Water CoolerThe strong and robust Arctic Chill, plumbed in water cooler offers 40ltrs an hour, with 120 cups, instant draw off of chilled pure water. This unit has a large aperture and has a 20cm tap to driptray height for filling bottles, unlike many other water coolers, to take sports bottles. The cooler also has a facility to drain off water from the drip tray, which has a lug behind the tray to take 1/4” tubing, which can be run to a drain, ubend or into an integral container. The unit is also direct chilled, so no tank standing water.

The Arctic chill can be secured against a wall. If required the internal cup dispenser can be capped off. A 3 litre Alarmed Overflow System which connects to the Drip Tray can be fitted to all floor standing units – as a means to increase the drip tray capacity.

Advantages of The Arctic Chill Plumbed in Water Cooler

  • Maximum hygiene, greater safety, greater efficiency…
  • lower costs.
  • Mature Direct / Chill pressure Cooler technology.
  • Works on low water pressure.
  • Flood Guard inlet valve to avoid flooding.
  • Equipped with Hygiene Guard tap protection.
  • Has an integral cup dispenser, (can be blanked).
    Dimensions:- •Floor standing = 1180mmH, 340mmW,340mmmD.
  • Table Top = 460mmH, 340mmw, 340mmD.

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