New Filters

new filters water gemsOur range of In-Line Filters have an innovative spigot connection. This allows them to be used as replacements for any system. The choice of tube size connections allows them to be fitted to 1/4″, 3/8″, 10mm or 15 mm tubing.

The key benefits of the In-Line filters are:

Scale inhibitor

Where hard water presents a problem, polyphosphate controls the contaminants that cause corrosive damage to pipes, fittings and equipment.

Sediment removal

WaterSplash sediment filters utilise a reticulated foam to eliminate the particles that can damage equipment and allow visible particles.

Taste & odour removal

WaterSplash filters use the filtering properties of granular activated carbon(GAC) to ‘polish’ potable water to a pleasant tasting, clean smelling condition.