Commercial Table Top Water Cooler

Keep your staff and customers hydrated, healthy and happy with a commercial table top water cooler from WaterSplash. Three months Free rental. Wide range of models and costs.

commercial table top water cooler

In commerce and industry today there is a vital need for employees and employers to be provided with easy access high quality drinking water. The Arctic Chill commercial table top water cooler delivers time after time.

Arctic Chill Volume Water CoolerNot every office, factory or warehouse has a practical space for a full size water cooler so WaterSplash can provide you with a table top water cooler.

It is a known fact that none of us drink sufficient water and research has proved without a doubt that it can affect our mental and physical performance.

The daily water intake for an adult is two litres.

It is therefore very important for employees to have the correct daily water intake. The solution to your problem is a Commercial Water Cooler.

Commercial Water Coolers

TT table top water cooler                             niagara-water-fountain