Choosing The Right Water Cooler

Choosing The Right Water Cooler

You know that a water cooler is the right way to go but the question is: which one?

Plumbed in water coolers, also known as mains fed, point of use or filtered water coolers, give you cool, pure, healthy, delicious water at your office, workplace or home for a cost effective price. In addition to being more comfortable and healthy you can also feel good that you are doing your bit for the planet.

The advantage that plumbed in water coolers have over the bottled version is that once they are installed they can be more economic to run. This is because they use your own mains water supply and transform it through a clever filter system. In many areas of the country it’s hard to believe that the water you get from your cooler is even the same water as you get from your kitchen tap.

Once installed you have control over the quality of water that you and your visitors drink.

Some of the plumbed in water coolers in our range have the option for hot water as well as cold.

It is completely hassle free. WaterSplash will advise you on the number of coolers that you are likely to need and how often the filters might need replacing. We have trained service engineers who will install your plumbed in water coolers and replace the filters quickly, politely and at a price that is very competitive.

We have experience supplying thousands of customers in all sorts of buildings from offices to schools and gyms, from factories to shops and hotels and our advisers all understand the pros and cons of different coolers in different location.

Call us on 0800 587 8068 and one of our friendly advisers we will be happy to advise you with no obligation.